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On demo accounts you can use expert foxMag during unlimited time free of charge and without functional limitations.

Expert (Advisor) foxMag (abbreviation of Forex Magic) is a software application, designed to facilitate trading operations (orders control) on the client terminals MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) by means of graphical tools. Control of trading activities with the help of foxMag is an easy and pleasant process which is rapidly to master on intuitive level.

Despite the high service given by foxMag, this program is optimized on the usage of the very small computer resources. Therefore it leaves resources free for the procedures performing automatic trade.

Operating System Requirements
Expert foxMag has been successfully tested for the operating systems Windows XP SP3 (32) / XP SP2 (64) /Vista/7/8/8.1/10. He will be fully operational at all, even the obsolete computer systems. However, for a comfortable work is desirable to use modern PC. In particular, it is recommended that the processor is not weaker 2 x 2.00 GHz and a display with a response time not more than 5 milliseconds.
Three modes of operation: manual, automatic and combined
The operation of expert may be carried out in manual, automatic or combined mode. When operating in combined mode the expert carries out fully automatic control of the part of orders, while another part is in a manual operation. At the same time all without exception control actions of the manual mode may be used for all orders, thus there is the possibility of manual correction of those orders, which were connected to automatic operation.
Easy orders control
Depending on predilections and desires of trader, opening, closing and modification of orders can be done manually with the mouse directly on the chart without usage of client terminal managing panel or with the help of hotkeys. The ability of orders control by means of MT4/MT5 or by means of programming is naturally saved in this case.
Pre-setting of parameters
Quick and convenient pre-setting of order parameters for the manual mode, such as transaction volume, Stop Loss/Take Profit, etc., and adjustment of operation modes of the expert, such as sound, day lines, automatic trade, etc. is performed by means of the window of parameters adjustment or with the help of hotkeys.
Automatic take into account of stop level
During preliminary adjustment of parameters, openings and modifications of orders automatic calculation of the minimum distance to market price (so-called stop level) is being settled up so that traders can avoid mistakes and tiresome calculation of admissible parameters values.
Volumes of orders in lots and in percentage
Preliminary setting of volume of orders is possible either in lots or percentage.
The simultaneous opening of two orders, reversal of positions, trailing stop
There are tools for simultaneous opening of two identical orders and for the reversal of positions, and also trailing stop.
Extensive information about open orders
The extensive information is provided on the state of the opened orders, on profits/losses for the certain period of time in points and in currency for separate orders as well as for all of them together, on the last completed transaction etc. in convenient, easily perceived form.
Easy visual search of control elements
The main graphic elements of orders control are placed, as a block, directly on signal lines of opened orders or near these lines. It makes the visual search of the necessary control elements easy and quick.
Drag and Drop
Traditional method of marking control elements before their moving is not requiered. It saves traders from exessive stress during trading.
Arbitrary number of functions for automatic trading
The expert's operation in automatic mode is performed with the use of the function prepared by the trader himself in language MQL4 or MQL5. This function can be easily connected to expert foxMag by means of foxMag. The trader can have arbitrary amount of such functions, implementing different algorithms. The title of functions and their location on hard disk is also arbitrarily.
Nice sound
At appropriate adjustments the work of the expert is accompanied by text comments and/or by the sound. These are response to managing actions of the trader or to changes of quotations at the exchange.
Compact layout of control elements and information objects
All control elements of foxMag are allocated in the client terminal main window. Thanks to their compact placement and to the possibility of easy relocation within this window, the trader can freely perceive another important graphic or text information on the screen.

We wish success and pleasant work with the expert foxMag :)

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